Cooperation between company Slice Macedonia and Open Gate

As part of the cooperation with the company Slice Macedonia, Open Gate/La Strada on 21.12.2022  in Skopje, conducted a one-day training aimed at “Recognizing and protecting victims of trafficking  “.

Through this training, which was divided into three sessions, Slice employees had the opportunity to become familiar with the phenomenon of human trafficking, as well as to acquire new knowledge and strengthen their capacities in terms of the protection and identification of trafficking in human beings.

In the third session of the training, the documentary film THE WAY OUT was shown, which tells the real-life stories of three victims, in order to better understand the complexity of the problem of human trafficking. After watching the film, a discussion developed about the importance of the existence of the shelter and its role in the protection, assistance, and support of persons who are victims of human trafficking.

Cooperation and the implementation of this type of training, intended for the business sector and socially responsible companies like Slice, have an important role in raising public awareness of the existence of the problem of human trafficking. At the same time, Open Gate/La Strada express gratitude to Slice Macedonia, for the interest shown and their selfless contribution to help and support the victims.

The training is part of the program “Listen to the voice of trafficked persons and fight organized crime” financially supported by the European Union.