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Who Are We

The Association for Action Against Violence and Trafficking in Human Beings – Open Gate is an association that has been working for 20 years on prevention, education, assistance and support, as well as advocating victims of trafficking and sexual violence. As a leading organization in the region, it is part of the International Association La Strada, a European NGO network against human trafficking. The Open Gate Association represents victims of trafficking and has an active role in creating national policies.

Open gate is not just an organization but a movement that gives voice to the most vulnerable.

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Open Gate Association for action against violence and trafficking in human beings - can be traced to the year 2000, when a group of women enthusiasts their concern for the growing crime of human trafficking in Macedonia, and decided to help prevent this crime by establishing the organization.

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Open Gate is leaded by its mission, which is set out in the Strategic Program(2017-2020) as well as according to its established approach to the target group and other policies.