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Open Gate is a leading self-sustained organization in the Republic of Macedonia, acknowledged on both national and international level. It is renowned for its commitment, persistence and professionalism, as well as its focus on the needs and interests of trafficked persons and target groups. The main goal of Open Gate is to invest all their effort and capacity in creating a society freed from inequality, poverty, prejudice and discrimination, violence and trafficking in humans, and to build a place where people’s rights are widely respected and all citizens are given equal opportunities for socio-economic independence.



Open Gate is a civil society organization which promotes human rights and represents the needs of high-risk people and victims of abuse and human trafficking. As a member of La Strada International- the European network for combating human trafficking, Open Gate offers prevention, social support and lobbying on both local and European level.
WE provide protection, capacity strengthening and social integration of trafficked persons, as well as other vulnerable groups within the society.


*Human rights should be the basis for any strategy underlying fighting human trafficking.
*Secrecy and preservation of personal identity, non-victimizing and non-discriminatory treatment in the support rendered to the victims of human trafficking.


Open Gate supports volunteerism and encourages social workers, psychologists, educators, and other professionals to increase their capacities and hone their skills through volunteering in the organization. Open Gate familiarizes volunteers with the goals and strategies of its three main programs: (1) Information and Lobby, (2) Education and Prevention, (3) Direct Support to Victims. It introduces volunteers to a specific or variety of its on-going projects depending on the volunteers capapbility and needs. Open Gate organizes and conducts trainings for volunteers to apply and improve their skills in regards to trafficking in persons. Then Open Gate provides volunteers with a variety of experiences and practical work

Executive Team

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Јасмина Д. Рајковска

Извршен директор

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Марија Тодоровска

Програмски директор

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Билјана Јовановска

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Ленче Марковиќ

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La Strada

Open Gate is a member of La Strada International
The International La Strada Association (La Strada International/LSI) is a leading European NGO network that works to ensure a world without trafficking in human beings by promoting respect for human rights. The network comprises eight independent member organisations that operate from a grass-roots level. The members are based in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine and implement activities for advocacy, prevention and social support for trafficked persons and at-risk groups in order to empower them to exercise their rights.

An International Secretariat supports the members by coordinating the implementation of common strategies, engaging in monitoring and advocacy activities and networking and organising capacity building to provide better services to the target groups. LSI secretariat monitors and harmonises common La Strada activities and is also responsible for data collection, registration and information provision.
The advocacy activities of LSI target the intergovernmental organisations and institutions that develop international treaties and legislation, such as the European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE and UN, providing specific recommendations to improve the protection and respect for the rights of trafficked persons, migrants and groups vulnerable to human trafficking. LSI and the partner organisations closely monitor the implementation of the protection measures of the international treaties at the national level to ensure that trafficked persons’ rights are not only on paper but also in practice protected.
LSI’s work is based on the human rights approach, acknowledging that trafficking in persons is a gross violation of human rights and that states are accountable and responsible to provide trafficked persons with effective remedies. According to this approach, viola¬tion of human rights is both a cause and a consequence of trafficking in human beings and therefore the preven¬tion of trafficking and the protection of victims should be based on the protection of the rights of all human beings, with a focus on those vulnerable to human trafficking, such as (irregular) migrant workers, domestic workers and sex workers. The human rights based approach opposes anti-trafficking meas¬ures which adversely affect or infringe upon the human rights of trafficked persons or other affected groups.
The holistic view on the issue of trafficking, with much focus on the root causes of trafficking, such as poverty, gender inequality and violence, discrimination, restrictive migration policies and the unequal division of wealth in the world, has lead LSI to cooperate with a broad range of partners in the field of human rights, migrant rights and labour rights.

LSI is a member of: the Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN); the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM); the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW); the Alliance Expert Coordination Team (AECT) of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Association for Women’s Right in Development (AWID) and the EU Fundamental Rights Platform.

Recognition's and testimonials

As a result of their effort in the fight against human trafficking, Open Gate has received several awards and accolades over the years. This recognition of their work and commitment inspires and motivates Open Gate to continue working with their valuable hard work. That is why the Open Gate wishes to express its gratitude and satisfaction to those who follow its work and value it.