Informing and Lobbying

SOS: 0800 11111

The La Strada Macedonia Program for Informing and Lobbing aims:

  • to put and keep trafficking in persons firmly on the political agenda,
  • to raise public awareness,
  • to stimulate public debate and
  • to monitor the implementation of counter trafficking measures.

The first step is to get trafficking recognized as a violation of human rights, both by the public at large and by the authorities. Lobbying activities focus on:

  • the implementation of the Human Rights Standards for the Treatment of Trafficked Persons,
  • the implementation of the UN Trafficking Protocol and Convention on Trafficking in the framework of the Council of Europe,
  • the effective prosecution of the perpetrators,
  • the development of national action plans,
  • the establishment of National Rapporteurs and
  • the recognition of the role of NGO’s and other relevant civil society actors.


During the years, La Strada Macedonia has lobbied for improved care programs and better access to assistance and legal human rights protection for trafficked parsons and marginalized groups, as well as for prevention from trafficking. Within the LSI network framework, the organisation has lobbied for:

  • the adoption of minimum standards regarding assistance for trafficked persons, including residence permits and reflection periods, witness protection programmes, access to labour markets and education, the provision of accommodation, the availability of legal assistance, and voluntary and safe return, including risk assessments and compensation.