20 years Against Human Trafficking

“Human trafficking is a global problem facing all countries around the world. North Macedonia is a country of origin, transit country and destination of trafficked persons. Over the years, there have been significant changes and new trends in human trafficking, which has changed the way protection and assistance are provided to victims.”

Open Gate this year marks 20 years since its inception and active action in the fight against human trafficking. On that occasion, a campaign was created under the same name – 20 years against human trafficking, a campaign created to present the results of 20 years of work on all programs of the organization and their results, recommendations and needs. Over the past 20 years, Open Gate has assisted a total of 168 victims of trafficking who were included in the Center for Victims of Trafficking and the Social Work Program for Socially Risk Categories.

The main event of the campaign was Live Stream Public Debate on the topic – “20 years against human trafficking”. The interlocutors of the public panel discussion were Jasmina Dimishkovska Rajkovska – founder and director of “Open Gate – La Strada”, Ljupco Markudov – head of the unit for trafficking and smuggling of migrants and Svetlana Cvetkovska – representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Open Gate is a civic association that promotes human rights and advocates for the interests and needs of people at risk or victims of violence and trafficking through prevention, social support and lobbying at national and European level through membership in La Strada International European Anti-Trafficking Network. You can watch the full debate below.

“Trying to present the implemented policies through the experiences of the victims themselves, the institutions and civil society organizations that participate in the fight against human trafficking, we conducted a qualitative and quantitative research. The results of the analysis indicate the need for proactive identification of victims of trafficking by the competent institutions, the establishment of long-term solutions for protection and reintegration, as well as the need for their financial sustainability. The aim is to answer the question of the existing mechanisms for identification, protection and reintegration interact with the needs of the victims and the country’s handling of human trafficking. “

As part of this campaign, 4 infographics were prepared which graphically show the results of all programs of the organization, as follows: Data analysis of the SOS helpline for trafficking in human beings; Open Gate experience with asylum seekers, migrants and refugees; Assistance and support to victims of trafficking 2005-2020 and Prevention as key in the fight against trafficking. You can see the infographics in their entirety at the links below.

Do not keep silent, report human trafficking on the SOS line 0800 11111!