Support a child, share the joy!

✨In the heart of every child lies the boundless power to dream, and our power is to nurture those dreams and turn them into a reality filled with hope and possibilities.

In the storybook of dreams, not every child has a dedicated narrator. YOU CAN BE A STORY HERO TOO! Be the author of change, the narrator of a story of resilience and success for those who need someone to believe in them!✨

🌟 How does it work:

Browse through the profiles of these kids, each with unique dreams and desires. Choose a child to help, and be the reason for their smile when they open their presents on New Year’s morning.

📅 Until when you can donate:

You can deliver the gifts to our offices until December 28th, where we will pack them. Let’s come together as a community to start this New Year with hope, love and new beginnings.

💌 How to participate:

All selected products, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toys, would be preferable if they were new. If it is about technology, it can be used, but in good condition.

You can send the gifts by cargo to the address Bahar Mois 5a, Skopje (cargo costs may be covered by Open Gate), personally deliver them to our offices at the same address from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or we can pick them up from a location that you specify (if you are from Skopje).

Rules for the gifts:

  1. Gifts should not be wrapped. If you would like to have your personal stamp on the packaging, you can also provide wrapping paper, a decorative box or a bag, and then we will pack them.
  2. If you want, you can send gifts for more than one child. 
  3. You should specify which child the gift is for.


Profiles of these kids:

  1. Nora – 15 years old
  • Purchased: diary
  1. Dona – 16 years old
  • Purchased: diary
  1. Luljeta – 14 years old
  • Purchased: underwear, bra, socks, makeup and diary

4. Selma – 16 years old

  • Purchased: diary

5. Kalina –  13 years old

  • all the presents for Kalina are purchased! 🙂

6.Emra – 14 years old

  • Purchased: diary